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We feature news from these three sources because they provide interesting information and perspectives on efforts to secure a just peace in Israel and Palestine.  The views are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CJPIP.

  • US has intervened in twice as many elections as Russia July 17, 2018
    When the US was exposed interfering in the Ukrainian election in 2014, Obama aide Ben Rhodes expressed rage at the Russians for disclosing that face, in a violation of major power etiquette. His hypocrisy is typical. The US has intervened in 81 foreign elections since 1946, Russian or the Soviet Union only 36 times, per […]
    Philip Weiss
  • Mondoweiss Can Respond When News Is Urgent Because of You July 17, 2018
    To cover #GMR, Mondoweiss has spent at twice our usual rate in recent weeks. Readers' support makes this possible. Please donate whatever you can today toward our summer campaign goal of $60,000.
    Philip Weiss
  • Leading US Israel supporter is abused at Israeli airport for having ‘Palestine’ pamphlet July 17, 2018
    Meyer Koplow is the chair of Brandeis University and gives millions to Israel. He was interrogated at the Israeli airport two days ago because he had a pamphlet with the word Palestine on it and had visited the West Bank with a pro-Israel group called Encounter. Security accused him of lying and misrepresenting Encounter's aims-- […]
    Philip Weiss
  • Riverdale alumni express outrage after elite NYC school cancels Israeli-Palestinian conflict class following parent pressure July 17, 2018
    Censorship over Israel at an elite NYC school? First a Riverdale Country School teacher is suspended over his views on Gaza, next another teacher resigns because his Israeli-Palestinian conflict class is canceled. Now, outraged alumni are speaking out.
    Open Letter
  • Palestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar was ‘deliberately and fatally shot’ by Israeli sniper — B’Tselem July 17, 2018
    Israeli human rights NGO B'tselem have today released a report which unequivocally concludes that Palestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar was deliberately targeted and killed by an Israeli sniper on June 1. B'Tselem says that Israeli propaganda is seeking to whitewash the killing so as to preserve Israel's image.
    Jonathan Ofir
  • Maybe Yugoslavia could have beaten France in World Cup July 17, 2018
    If only Yugoslavia had not broken apart, then Serbia and Croatia might have combined to win the World Cup in Russia. But valiant Croatia fell short. As France's diverse, winning team demonstrates, ethnic nationalism is self-defeating. Modern countries need to honor equal rights and diversity.
    Philip Weiss
  • Sacha Baron Cohen duped Republicans with pro-Israel award July 16, 2018
    Sacha Baron Cohen duped leading Republicans into reciting absurd endorsements of a fake program to arm toddlers in his premier of Showtime’s “Who is America?” last night. One issue that seems to have baited Republicans into participating is no hold barred support for Israel.
    Allison Deger
  • Denial of entry – the real targets are Palestinians July 16, 2018
    Ariel Gold on getting denied entry to Israel: "My denial of entry received an enormous amount of coverage in Israeli and American Jewish media. Though I am disappointed I was not able to get into the country, I am glad that what happened to me contributed in a strong and positive way to the conversations […]
    Ariel Gold
  • Eight more Jews walk out on ‘Birthright,’ saying tour has no place for Palestinians July 16, 2018
    A week after five young Jews walked off a "Birthright" tour of Israel, eight more left two groups. "I was shaking. It felt like a big risk," one says. Then the group met Palestinians and understood their risk was nothing compared to what Palestinians face every day.
    Philip Weiss
  • Two Palestinian teenagers killed in most intense Israeli daytime assault on Gaza since 2014 July 15, 2018
    After two Palestinian teenagers has been killed, and hundreds more wounded by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, an Egyptian-led ceasefire was called on Saturday night between Israel and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements, who had fired several rockets into Israeli territory, injuring at least three people. Saturday’s Israeli onslaught on the besieged Gaza strip marked […]
    Yumna Patel