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We feature news from these three sources because they provide interesting information and perspectives on efforts to secure a just peace in Israel and Palestine.  The views are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CJPIP.

  • As West Bank violence continues, Netanyahu calls for settlement expansion, punitive demolition of Palestinian homes December 14, 2018
    The ripple effects of Thursday’s outburst of violence in the occupied West Bank continued to be felt on Friday, as Palestinians woke up to news of more arrests, clashes, and plans of collective punishment by the Israeli government.
    Yumna Patel
  • Why the Bubbie Brigade protests the ADL December 14, 2018
    On Monday December 10th, Esther Farmer, along with dozens of members of the Bubbie Brigade, joined over 400 New Yorkers in protesting the Anti-Defamation League. "This self-proclaimed civil rights group is sending American cops to be trained by the Israeli military. And we are horrified," Farmer writes.
    Esther Farmer
  • Beyond the tipping point December 14, 2018
    Nada Elia writes, "Finally, the fantasy of the two-state solution is dead.  As people across the political spectrum from the right to the left agree that Israel controls historic Palestine in its entirety, the question now seems to be whether the one de facto state, from the river to the sea, will be Jewish, or […]
    Nada Elia
  • 60% of the 10,500 protesters treated for injuries in Gaza were shot by Israeli forces in the legs December 14, 2018
    The number of wounded during the Great March of Return has reached colossal proportions. Of the 10,511 protesters treated at hospitals and field clinics in Gaza so far, at least 6,392, or roughly 60 percent, have been struck in the lower limbs, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.
  • How it feels to have a child in an uninhabitable place December 14, 2018
    Sarah Algherbawi writes about becoming a first-time mother in Gaza and dealing with the anxiety of knowing she will be raising her child in an area the United Nations warns will be "uninhabitable" by 2020. When she talks with other young parents she finds out that they share her anxiety, and many are considering leaving Gaza.
    Sarah Algherbawi
  • Four Palestinians, two Israeli soldiers killed in a day of violence in the West Bank December 13, 2018
    Four Palestinians and two Israelis were killed between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon in a series of attacks and search and arrest operations in the central occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Prisoner's Society reported that between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Israeli forces arrested 56 Palestinians from across the occupied territory. In […]
    Yumna Patel
  • The left-right debate in Israel is over the speed of colonization, not how to end it December 13, 2018
    The liberal-Zionist organization Commanders for Israel’s Security has a new campaign calling on Israel to "divorce" the Palestinians, as a response to growing calls from the right to annex parts of the West Bank. Jonathan Ofir writes that the struggles between right and left Zionism have always historically been not about a Palestinian state alongside […]
    Jonathan Ofir
  • Thank you to Haaretz’s David B. Green for forcing me to research the Arabs in Andalusia December 13, 2018
    Haaretz Editor David B. Green's article on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discovering her Jewish roots ignores the congenial relations between Muslims and Jews that prevailed in Andalusia that likely play a role in her genetic makeup. Hatim Kanaaneh took to the internet to fill in the gaps.
    Hatim Kanaaneh
  • Groundbreaking poll: American support for one democratic state equal to support for two state solution December 12, 2018
    A new poll conducted by Shibley Telhami at the University of Maryland shows unprecedented support among Americans for the one-state solution in Israel/Palestine, stronger sanctions against Israel,  as well as growing criticism of the Israeli role in U.S. politics.
    Adam Horowitz
  • Israeli Knesset rejects bill to ‘maintain equal rights amongst all its citizens’ December 12, 2018
    Today, the Knesset voted down the Basic Law: Equality bill by a margin of 71-38. The text of the bill was clear and concise: "The State of Israel shall maintain equal political rights amongst all its citizens, without any difference between religions, race and sex." With the vote the Knesset told 20% of the country's […]
    Yossi Gurvitz