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We feature news from these three sources because they provide interesting information and perspectives on efforts to secure a just peace in Israel and Palestine.  The views are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CJPIP.

  • Israeli courts are now complicit in 2015 arson-murder, Dawabshe family says May 19, 2019
    A Palestinian family has denounced a plea deal to clear an Israeli settler from murder charges in a 2015 arson attack in which a Palestinian baby and his parents were burned alive in the occupied West Bank, Al Jazeera reports.
  • Young Jews who don’t like Israel are not ‘healthy’ — leading Hillel director May 17, 2019
    80 percent of Jewish college students think Netanyahu is a 'terrible human being,' says Andrew Getraer, Hillel director at Rutgers. While Leonard Saxe of Brandeis says that Peter Beinart and Dov Waxman are critical of Israel because they come from South African families and see Israel thru an "apartheid" filter.
    Philip Weiss
  • Republicans push BDS bill to paint Dems as anti-Semites, and party leadership falls for the trap May 17, 2019
    On Wednesday, Republicans in the House of Representatives initiated a rarely-used legislative procedure to try to force a vote on a controversial bill that encourages states and localities to penalize individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies that boycott for Palestinian rights. This is the latest GOP move in an ongoing, concerted effort to to portray themselves […]
    Josh Ruebner
  • At Christian Zionist gathering in Texas, Trump is God’s Cyrus, and Bill Maher is ‘stupidest Jew in Hollywood’ May 17, 2019
    At the “Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Texas" in San Antonio one Christian charismatic speaker referred to Bill Maher as “the stupidest Jew in Hollywood," to general laughter.  Another speaker bemoaned the inability of Jews to vote in Israeli elections, without any apparent worries about falling into the “dual loyalty” trope.
    Judith Norman
  • ‘Playgrounds for Palestine’ is selling two olive oils here, to help kids there May 17, 2019
    Playgrounds for Palestine has built 39 playgrounds for Palestinian kids since writer Susie Abulhawa started the organization 18 years ago. Now it's selling a new line of Palestinian olive oils in the States so you can help the kids and help the farmers too.
    Philip Weiss
  • Silencing the Nakba with Eurovision May 16, 2019
    The Jewish fascist group Im Tirtzu has a history of disrupting Nakba commemoration ceremonies at the Tel Aviv campus. This year they blasted the Eurovision-winning song 'Toy' over loudspeakers during a minute of silence for Nakba victims.
    Jonathan Ofir
  • Actor Faisal Abu Alhayjaa appears in NY this Sunday May 16, 2019
    The Palestinian actor Faisal Abu Alhayjaa is known to the New York theater audience for his charismatic performance as a wounded resistance fighter in Bethlehem in "The Siege", a production from the Jenin Freedom Theatre. He will be speaking about "laughter and liberation" at the People's Forum in NY on Sunday.
    Philip Weiss
  • Crisis at the Whitney: ‘no safe space for profiteers of state violence’ May 16, 2019
    New York City’s Whitney Museum of American Art's legendary Biennial exhibit is taking place, but the Whitney has a problem. Warren B. Kanders, the vice chairmen of the board of trustees, has amassed a $700 million fortune selling law enforcement gear and tear gas that has been used against unarmed civilians in Ferguson, Baltimore, Standing […]
    Kim Jensen
  • How to Lobby Washington to Death: A business model from hell and the war in Yemen  May 16, 2019
    President Trump’s veto of the resolution to end American support for the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen, and Congress’s failure to override it, has given U.S. defense contractors a green light to proceed with a business model that counts innocent Yemenis' deaths as the cost of doing business.
    Mashal Hashem and James Allen
  • ‘Refugees are a tool of war’ — the view from the Syrian border May 16, 2019
    Rev. Nour Sahawneh aids thousands of refugees at his church in Mafraq, Jordan, near sprawling city-like camps. "Their lives are a disaster," he tells Alice Rothchild. "They are a tool of war. They became a subject in a war, not a people to help... War is business."
    Alice Rothchild